Body Harmony USA

Creating Congruency Between Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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Body Harmony

Body Harmony is a hands-on energy healing technique developed by Don McFarland in the early 1980's. Throughout the years, Body Harmony has evolved and grown as Don was forever and continually studying and learning new techniques and new modalities. He incorporated what he thought was valuable using Body Harmony's values and technique. 

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Body Harmony USA

Body Harmony USA is Rockie's passion. It is a combination of Body Harmony and Law Of Attraction. Using both the body's language with the minds language to create congruency in between the two. How better to live the life you truly want to live!!

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Energy Healing

Energy healing in it's rawest form is helping people heal whatever is not working in their life. Physical and or emotional. Fortunately there are many types and styles of energy healing. Click this button below to get a more descriptive look at what energy healing is.

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